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ZILBOORG Splendid Apparel

Anna Zilboorg sees knitting as a spiritual experience; knitting, and teaching people to knit, brings her happiness.
Artikelnummer: 978-193-30-6430-7
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Anna Zilboorg is a very warm, wise, and witty teacher, and refers to her beloved fellow knitters as "sheep people". Anna Zilboorg loves the process of making necessary things beautiful by adding an individual's favorite stitch patterns and how knitting brings people together, uncompetitively and cooperatively, without envy or hierarchy. Anna Zilboorg's love for knitting and people who love knitting is contagious and creates a great atmosphere in Anna's classes and lectures.

The craft of knitting is devoted to making useful things, and the craft of embroidery is devoted to making useful things beautiful: Splendid Apparel brings these two crafts together. Anna Zilboorg begins with richly textured knit fabrics then adds embroidery for emphasis, color, detail, and sheen. The book includes a dozen embroidery stitches and a library of more than 50 textured knit patterns, and the swatches - photographed both as they come off the knitting needles and after embroidery is added-clearly show the transformations and provide springboards for further experimentation. Stitch basics and step-by-step illustrations help a novice learn the simple motions, try variations, and add a contrasting color, while Anna's cogent comments identify where a knit stitch may require special attention and adjustments to make the emboroidery steps easier. The 18 full patterns in this book are all basic shapes-a few with innovative, join-as-you-go construction.


Anna Zilboorg was born and raised in bustling New York City, so it is no wonder that she has secluded herself in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Anna studied at Harvard University and taught at MIT, then decided to leave the crowds of people and wound up in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. Here, Anna Zilboorg found her faith in Episcopalian religion and re-discovered her childhood love of knitting. Anna Zilboorg devotes her life to the love of her knitting and loves to share it with knitters - beginners and veterans alike. Anna Zilboorg is known world-wide as a knitting matriarch and genius.

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