GAUGHAN Knit Fold Pleat Repeat

Knit Fold Pleat Repeat: Simple Knits, Gorgeous Garments
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Knitting guru Norah Gaughan shows you how to make rectangles, squares, and simple shapesthen fold, twist, and pleat them to create unique, fashionable clothes and accessories.
Simple shapes are ideal for the novice knitter, but the clever folds and fastenings of Knit, Fold, Pleat, Repeat will intrigue the experienced crowd too. These techniques are easy to learn, and the design possibilitiesand new combinations that come to light once you beginare nearly endless. Each design starts with a simple rectangle, square, or triangle and builds from there: to fold, drape, or twist the shape into a garment or accessory, and to introduce pleats, welts, and slices along the way. Every pattern has a gorgeous high-fashion style, and the projects are so addictive to knityou may find yourself making the same garment in new colors and yarns so you'll have one for each season. The book includes fifteen patterns in all, each with variations.


Norah Gaughan is recognized as one of the top authors, instructors, and designers in the knitting industry. She designs knitwear for some of the most prestigious yarn companies and publications worldwide

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